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  • AK 10

    A value-priced Lithium-Ion battery with the power of STIHL.
    DSRP: $69.99
  • AK 20

    A powerful and lightweight 36-volt battery for those who value...
    DSRP: $99.99
  • AP 300 Lithium-Ion Battery

    Our most powerful handheld lithium-ion battery, designed for STIHL...
    DSRP: $159.99
  • AP 100 Lithium-Ion Battery

    A lightweight lithium-ion battery that delivers a powerful value.
    DSRP: $99.99
  • AP 180 Lithium-Ion Battery

    An advanced lithium-ion battery, designed for all STIHL...
    DSRP: $169.99
  • AR 900 Backpack Battery

    This backpack battery supercharges landscaping crews with longer...
    DSRP: $849.99
  • AR 3000 Backpack Battery

    A high-capacity backpack battery delivering gasoline-powered...
    DSRP: $899.99
  • AL 101

    A battery charger for the STIHL AK Series that is full of smart...
    DSRP: $99.99
  • AL 100 Standard Battery Charger

    The STIHL Battery-Powered Equipment line is more than your average...
    DSRP: $39.99
  • AL 300 Rapid Battery Charger

    Offers faster charge times for all STIHL Lithium-Ion batteries
    DSRP: $79.99
  • AL 500 High-Speed Charger

    Offers the fastest charge times for all STIHL Lithium-Ion batteries
    DSRP: $119.99